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Ready for an update??
July 10, 2009, 9:38 am
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Since its been a while and i’ve been pretty busy, this will be a pretty long one- sorry in advance.
1st topic- 1st taxi/ kombi (like a van) ride: Here’s the scene: there is like 16 or 17 people in a shoddy van that holds about 11 and i am sitting next to a drunk man that smells of fermented fruits. The windows are taped shut- from the outside…i cant breath, i’m squished and we have not even started moving yet. The van has to roll down hill to get started…i dont know how we made it but a couple hours later we were at our destination.
The next day we all went on site-visits; basically we split into small groups and we all got to go with a PCV (peace corps volunteer) to their sites to see what they do everyday and how they live. There was 3 of us and the PCV and the experience was awesome. The 1st day started off much like the previous day. We waited on the side of the road for a kombi and after some time 1 picked us up. a few 4 or 5 hours later and a few taxi/ kombi exchanges and we made it to Butha Buthe camptown. The camptowns are like the city of the area. There are 10 districts (like states) in Lesotho and each district has a camptown. It’s where all the shop are…We walked around a bit and got lunch and then were back on the kombi fo another hour. Once we arrived to where the kombi was going, we had to walk for another 2 hours in some serious terrain to get to the PCVs house. The scenery is absolutely amazing. i cannot put in words what this place looks like but the country is absolutely beautiful! The walk, however, was crucial. there was a lot of up and down and somewhat hard on my lungs- but we made it 🙂 The village is so cute and the PCVs home was great too. We had a wonderful time and she can cook like nobody’s business. We ate like kings again We were there for 3 or 4 days and we did a lot of hiking. We walked for hours and we even climbed a mini-mountain and got to see the site where King Moshoeshoe (mo-shway-shway- the found of the basotho) was born. It was so nice- breathtaking on several levels.
After the visit we went back to our villages and back to life as normal. I was thinking i would walk you guys through a typical day in my life in Bokone…in case you are curious.
Wake up at 6, turn the heat on and turn the water on to heat. While i wait for the water i sweep the floor and by the time i am done, the water is ready. i take my bucket bath 😦 and i get dressed, eat, do the dishes and go to school around 8. I am at school till about 4 and we learn sesotho, about youth, HIV/ Aids, small business, gardening, health and safety. i get home around 4:30 or 5, make dinner and do my homework. My brother usually comes over and spends some time with me. He can speak pretty good english so… and i call it a night around 9. HAHA


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