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Thaba Bosiu
July 10, 2009, 9:51 am
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We took a filed trip on Saturday to Thaba Bosiu. It is the place where King Moshoeshoe founded the Basotho. He hiked there for 9 days and set up his post. Another absolutely amazing site. We hiked another mini-mountain, listened to some history and enjoyed spectacular views. I really cant wait for the summer though b/c i think it will be that much more enjoyable.
On sunday we celebrated the 4th of July. That was so much fun too. My group all got together and we had hot dogs, hamburgers, mac salad, chips…it was great fun.
And i gues thats all for now, but as a quick side note- wahsing laundry by hand is so hard. I washed clothes for over 2 hours and then my hands and arms became numb useless tools. Then i hung everything up to dry outside on our wire line and guess what- the wire stained everything. LOL- word to the wise, hang your clothes inside out.
Alright, love you guys and thank you for your constant support. I miss you all tons and am always thinking of you

Happy belated B-day Kat- love ya girl!

Oh- and sorry everything is mispelled 🙂


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Hey hun!! I miss you and hope you are doing well over there. I can’t believe it has already been a month and a half (although it may seem like it to you with no running water or toilets lol). I read a few of your posts and will send you some things if you still need them. Take care over there and be careful. I look forward to hearing from you soon. OH and by the way happy birthday!!

Comment by Tom Pastore


Comment by Kat

Rena!!! OMG! I didn’t realize you would be on here yet so I hadn’t checked the blog. I feel horrible about that, but promise to write often! Glad to hear you had a good birthday – Happy Belated to you! Sounds like things are going great – I am super proud of you!!! Miss you lots 😦 I am going to send you a package. Do you need anything in addition to your last wish list? Keep in touch! I love you Girl xoxo

Comment by Sandra

Rena!!! OMG! I miss you so much! I feel terrible that it’s taken me this long to write, but I didn’t realize you were on-line yet. Glad to hear you had a Happy Birthday – Happy Belated to you!!! Sounds like things are going great – so proud of you 🙂 I would like to send you a package. Do you have any additional items you’ve thought of since you posted your last wish list? Be well, stay safe, have fun and write often! Love you Girl 🙂
P.S. I have something to tell you! Remember what I said when you left about having a one year old when you got back??? Well…

Comment by sungrl

Hey Hey! Your 4th of July sounds more fun than ours was. We spent our day on an all day flight to Poland. Im jealous of the scenery you get to look at on all of your walks throughout the country (but def not jealous of the actual walking). I bet you miss the washer and dryer now 2 🙂 We miss you alot and hope all is going well for you.

Comment by Jim and Agata

Hey girl! The hiking sounds fabulous! The laundry… not so much. I think I’ll stop complaining about lugging mine to my old apt to use the washer & dryer.
Hope you’re safe and doing well! I miss you!

Comment by Jennifer

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