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Berea camptown
July 25, 2009, 9:29 am
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So i have found out where i will be living for the next 2 years. It is in the Berea district and it is about a 20 minute walk from the camptown- the camptown is called TY (well, the name is a lot longer, but that is what everyone else calls it). i will go on monday- friday for an actual site visit- just to check the place out and meet my new host family…Then when i come back on friday/ saturday, i will have my language test. wish me luck- i’m pretty nervous about it!! after that, we get to swear in (onn Aug. 6th) and then we are official PCVs and we go to our sites for 3 months. After 3 months, we are officially on our own and able to travel. take vacations…everything. Things are really moving a long here. In Berea i will be working with the Weavers. they make woven art and bags and wallets…and i guess i will be trying to help them market their items and increase their sales. i guess we will see soon, but i am thinking about getting some kind of website going for them…we’ll see and of course i will give you more details and they come up.
in the mean time- I got a phone!! I am so excited- here is the number: #011-266-59541701
011 is the country code; 266 is my area code; and 59541701 is my number but you have to dial all of this to call me. also, i would recomend (whoever wants to call me) to get an international calling card. it should be cheaper than using your reg. phone. Also, please know that it is crazy expensive for me to call the US. it is like $5 for 2 minutes and you know i dont get paid alot- or maybe even enough šŸ™‚ LOL
Oh and also, when i get to my site, in the TY camptown i am allowed to use my computer so this is when i will post some pics šŸ™‚ and Tata, we will be able to skype then!! Very excited about all this
Thank you all for sending me things and letters :). so far i have only received 1 package from my tata…but through your emails i gather some some letters are on the way.? cant wait to get them. everything here runs super slow…and i thought things in the south were slow.
And very lastly…some of you asked if there was anything else i needed…and i always have a brainfart when i get to the computer so the only things i can think of are
Granola bars (things like this- fiber bars, nutrigrain…) ;
maybe a few seeds of flowers- like pretty flower mixes- nothing serious like roses;
hand sanitizer;
batteries (AA and AAA)
and always ciggs šŸ™‚
well folks, i think this is all for now. i love you all and miss you so much. cant wait to hear from you and talk to you soon!


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hi mali moj,
nice story,thanks for e-mail.
scype is on…. call…
love, love, love you,
Cz and tata

Comment by stjepan erdeg

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