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Quick update
November 2, 2009, 11:57 am
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Quick update, since I wrote that last blog a few weeks ago… In 4 days I will be free from Phase II of my PC service. Phase II, also known as “integration”, consisted of the first 3 months of my service. Basically during this time I was to settle in and integrate with my community. I was not allowed to leave the country, but clearly was allowed to visit other areas of Lesotho. If I get all of my Phase II work in by Nov. 6th, I can leave the country. Phase II PC work was questions we had to answer about our community and we had to do 60 interviews on people in the community. I will turn the last of my work in on Wednesday and will take my first trip to South Africa on Nov 21st J . Tell you more about that later.

Well, my garden looks like a large patch of weeds now. I’ve begun de-weeding it but…and some crops have definitely sprouted…though no sign of watermelons yet L .

Halloween came and went. There was a PC party that I did not go to, heard it was great fun…but instead I had Melissa over. We had fun too!!! LOL, we ate like pigs.

Update with the weavers…not too much to update. We have a product development scheduled for the end of November and beginning of December. That should be good…I hope. The weavers have a bunch of orders in now so that’s good too. We havent had a meeting yet and nobody is quite sure when they would like to meet next so…

Heres a couple more pics…me winning a chess game J …a group of us getting fat at a desert party at my friend Elissa’s house, a gathering at an ex-pat’s house for a friendly game of beer pong J …just a couple more, enjoy J

Love ya all!!


Chess game, very intense


and winning

And my winning move 🙂


dessert party

Dessert party at Elissa's


Palulu, nice shirt eh

Palulu, nice shirt huh?





Holy hail!

Holy hail!


Ex-pat pong party

Ex-pat pong party (Shin, Erin and Tara)


Yes, we won

Yup, we won


Family portrait

Family Portrait, LOL


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Congrats on completing Phase 2! Now that you can visit other countries, how about a trip to the good old USA? OH would be an excellent start 🙂 I miss you!!! Glad to see you are experiencing such great things though and hope you are making lots of friends who make you feel happy 🙂 🙂 🙂
Be well my friend! XO

Comment by Sandra

Hey! I finally got a chance to catch up on reading your blog. All I’m saying is, I’m getting concerned that you’re going to end up on an episode of Locked Up Abroad. Please! Be safe!!!
Miss you!

Comment by Jennifer

rrrrrreeeeennnnaaaaaa!!! i miiiiisssss you!! hope all is well over in Africa. i feel like you have already been over there for two years!! lol. Let me know if you need anything. miss ya hun. take care. hopefully i can talk to you sometime soon.

Comment by Tom Pastore

Merry Christmas Irena. It is wonderful to see you so happy.

Comment by Rabbi Yoder

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