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January 18, 2010, 6:47 pm
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December was all over the place.  I took part on an UN Conference on Trade and Development.  I had an excellent x-mas and a crazy new year…and said good bye to some good friends

          I went to this UN Conference on behalf of my weavers.  It lasted 3 days and was really informative.  I met a lot of ‘important’ people and it was a great experience.  On the final day we took a field trip to the Phillips Plant which produces energy saving light bulbs.  It was really cool.  The company’s only been open running for about a year.  It was basically to show us an example of investment in Lesotho.  This country has an incredible opportunity for growth…um, I’ld probably call it a possibility instead of opportunity.

          So some of my really good friends left Lesotho and are back in America.  They are the ex-pat friends I talked about.  Anyway, before they left we went to a Club in Maseru.  Yup, that’s right.  It’s called Club Awesome.  Well, its actually called Litaleng but strongly referred to as Club Awesome- cuz it’s awesome.  I wish I could take pictures to show you but if I brought a camera in there I would not leave with it J.  the place is bonkers.  Anyway, we had a great time and it was really sad to see them go…miss you guys!!!

          In the middle of the month, one of my PCV friends Merrill invited me to her house for her host mother’s graduation party.  It was also a great experience- a real Basotho party!  I have some pics to share.  We ate good, all the people were super friendly, I got excellent pictures of some kids and I met a really inspirational Mosotho man named Peter.  He deserves his own blog entry…

          Christmas was great.  I stayed with some friends (other PCVs) at a friends house in Maseru.  In a proper house with a TV, rooms, a toilet, a shower, washing machine…yeah, it was great.  My friend Karolina cooked an amazing Christmas Eve dinner for us; we had a beet soup, perogies, cookies…lots oh- goodness. It was soo great!  Best of all, on Christmas day I went to the Peace Corps office (which would normally be closed but my friend really needed some from there) and guess what was waiting for me??  Two packages from you guys back home!   Freakin a!  it was a great x-mas.  Thank you so much for those perfectly timed gifts.  I got great stuff too- you guys are too good to me!  Thank you thank you thank you!!

          For Christmas I also got bitten up!  I got like 36 mosquito bites on my legs alone.  For real.  The mosquitoes here are weird, you don’t even feel them biting you.  So that was really the downside of that week…

          The next week, on the 29th several other PCVs and me took a New Years trip to Durban- holy Conoly…this deserves its own blog entry as well…

Phillips Plant

Jamie and me; our last weekend together 😦

OMG- a crazy humingbird puzzle that took weeks to put together- haha

Christmas Eve dinner- YUM


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You had a Polish Christmas Eve dinner!! Im so jealous! The beet soup is actually called Barsch. Is Karolina Polish? It sounds like you are doing very very well and having a lot of fun. We are proud of you and jealous all at the same time. The dead body thing in the pool, now thats just crazy. We sent you another letter and some pictures of your home in Charlotte. Do you need anything else supply wise? Let us know so we can get it to you. Miss you tons.

Comment by Jim and Agata

PS….your hair looks great! I cant believe how long it is!

Comment by Jim and Agata

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