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January 18, 2010, 7:04 pm
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Durban- holy shit!  Let me just get right into it.  Barb, Kristine Melissa and I went to Durban, South Africa on Dec. 29th.  It took about 5 hours on public transport.  we stayed the first few nights, until the 2nd, at a hostel called Anstey’s.  It’s right across from the ocean and about 30 minutes out of the city.  We camped in a tent.  We went swimming- in the Indian Ocean, holy cow.  it’s a really strong ocean!! And there were a lot of jelly fish and a shark or two spotted.  Anyway, we also went to a crazy huge mall and ate like kings!  We met some great people from South Africa that were staying at the same hostel and on New Years eve we got conned into going to this ‘club’ everyone else from the hostel was going to.  The ‘club’ ended up being the equivalent to an Elk’s Club- a freaking VFW!  There were 70 year olds and 7 year olds- o lord.  And the DJ was 65, lol!!  Anyway, we drank enough to have a good time.  I’m really going to try to make this long strory short…so at about 10 minutes to midnight Melissa and Barb notice this man (from our hostel who just checked in earlier that day)leaving the party…5 seconds later, Kristine notices her camera is missing from the table…great.  So we ring in the new year and at about 1:30am we go back to the hostel.  Most everyone is having a good time.  A bunch of us are hanging out by the pool, swimming, hanging out and we hear some other campers have noticed some of their items missing as well.  While at the pool, Melissa sees the man (the one that left the party) leaving the hostel…walking away.  At about 2:40am Melissa goes to sleep, Kristine and I go hang out with Barb for a bit in her “Honeymoon Suite”.  at about 3:20am we go to sleep but we can still hear people out at the pool having a good time.  Roughly at 4am, the people who’s camp had been robbed decide to go have a look around the hostel, see if they cant find anything.  What do they stumble upon??? A dead body at the bottom of the pool!  Yeah that’s right.  Holy Shit!  It was some guy staying at the hostel with his wife…she went up to bed, he stayed and that’s the whole story.  Nobody knows if he was drunk or who was with his last or nothing.  The police came and got the body and that’s it.  No questions asked.  So New Years day started with and ended on a real somber note.  Some people checked out and others checked in.  I felt real bad for the new comers because they had no idea what just happened…and the whole vibe was off.  And they didn’t drain the pool or anything- just weird.  So like I said, we stayed there until the 2nd and then went on to another hostel called Tekweni and it’s right in the heart of Durban, which I forgot to mention was a HUGE city!!  Like 10 times Charlotte- for real!  We stayed in the dorms here and I in the end I actually preferred Ansteys.  Anyway, while in the heart of Durban we went to an awesome African craft market- o bought lots of stuff, but should have bought more, and we went to Ushaka which is a huge water park and Sea World right off the ocean.  We had such a great time!!

Enjoy the pics and talk to ya’ll soon- I promise

Ansteys Hostel

The scene of the crime- er accident??

The VFW, lol

At the Gateway Mall in Durban

Ushaka- dolphin show

More Ushaka!

Such a good time at the waterpark. Karolina and me 🙂

Club night out in Durban at The Reform


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holy shit… something to remember,
love you mali moj…..

Comment by stjepan erdeg

Hi Irena!!!
We miss you!!! We are glad you are having such a great time. I still haven’t sent that package. I am sooooooo sorry. It’s been crazy with two little ones and one of us seems to always be sick these past few months. Anyway, no more excuses. I will send it ASAP! Do you need clothes or snacks? Let me know!!! E-mail me!!

Love you bunches!!!

Leila, Sebastian, Maja & Dana

Comment by Maja Fall

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