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June 18, 2010, 9:50 am
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So…I had to do it in 2 parts, LOL.  What a headache…

April, Happy Easter. Oh, Easter was an easy Sunday spent with a friend. That’s all I really have to say about that. I went ahead and half way filled out the grant application and attempted to submit it. Of course, it wasn’t even looked at. I had a PC staff member step in and instruct the weavers on how to go forward. She offered some new ideas and recommended a new grant the weavers may want to apply for…to this day neither group has gone into the office to get the application. Shame. And April ended bitter sweet. We had a going away party for the CHED group that came in 2 years before me. They will all be leaving between May and September except for maybe a couple people extending. The going away party was incredible and PC as usual. Saying bye is difficult in PC because you’re not saying bye for now…chances are I’m never gonna see half the amazing friends I’ve met here. Its weird. But I really do have some amazing memories!!! UGH! I’m really gonna miss these people.

Karolina reading to 2 of my neighbors

Pre-COS party...that's all I can give you. My friends


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It is so great to check on your blog and actually find new stuff!! Leslie asked me about you yesterday! We miss you! Looks like your hair is gettin g so long! I love the picture of you putting up the tent-it’s so Mary Tyler Moore in Africa! I like the one with the camels, too. I realized how much I like them when I got to pet one in a live navity scene. Happy Belated Birthday my beautiful friend. Hey, you’ve been there a year-only one more to go!! Sorry about the chilly conditions. Should I crochette you some booties:)? Love, Kat

Comment by Kat Pike

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