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January, February, and March
June 18, 2010, 8:47 am
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     Its officially been 6 months since I’ve written on the bloggy blog. Shame! As usual, this will be stupid long; Enjoy!!  Lets see, where did I leave off. Durban…haven’t had a vacation since…In January we had All Vol. Its one weekend a year when all the PC Lesotho volunteers come together. We review policies and also enjoy each other. Some of it is fun…we all got to meet the new group of Education volunteers so it was good. My group had our very delayed Phase III training. We got to go as a group to Semonkong which is absolutely beautiful. Cant wait to go there again! We also got to bring our counterparts in and create a business plan together. Two of my three weaving groups were represented and they decided they would like to do a chicken project. Right off the bat I did not see this working too well. I certainly voiced my opinion that we should focus on our weaving business instead of venturing in a new direction- chicken rearing. Anyhow, my reason fell on deaf ears and we forged on with the chicken idea. I really don’t want to bore you with the details and all so long story short there were a few tasks to complete before the grant application was due…mid April…they were never completed. I guess you could say it all worked out in the end.


Karolina and me in Semonkong





Charles and I in front of the waterfall in Semonkong

     February is marked by my friend Kristiney’s birthday. She lives all the way in Mokhotlong. Its one of the farthest places to reach in Lesotho. My friend Melissa and I went to see her and we celebrated at her house and then went to
Sani Pass which the highest place in Lesotho or SA?? Any who, it was absolutely amazing and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the pictures! 

Happy Birthday Kristiney!!!



Women hard at work! We built a Gingerbread house!

Kristiney, Me and Melissa

I'm helping put the tent up

Highest pub in Africa! Yebo!!

Melissa, Kristiney and me above the cloud! Amazing!

Just a cute pic of Andre, Megan and Leeza on the side of the road.

     March… a damn good month! Another PCV and myself went to one of my weavings groups and took pictures of their products for a potential website. A lot has happened since these pictures were taken…another long story short, the pictures were photo shopped last week. OK? What else…I changed my life and got electricity wired into my house. Another PCV helped my hire a young entrepreneur named Theko. He wired electricity from my host family’s home into mine. It cost me about $75. Its been absolutely great having electricity on the one hand, then on the other I’ve found myself at odds with my host family. This really isn’t an appropriate setting for that story so…On St. Patrick’s Day, I met with a few PCVs at a local hotel and we created a new holiday- Shepherd’s Day! Yup…we also invented a new drink-its called the Wild African Kombi Bomb…and its good and gross at the same time.

Theko and Ed wiring in the electric

Shepherd's Day...oops! LOL


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