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June 18, 2010, 10:12 am
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UGH!  This blog is a pain in my butt!

And June, dear sweet present June. June brought my birthday…a rather uneventful one I might add. I spent it at home with a couple of friends. We listened to music and read magazines while I drank hotty-totties alone. I think that’s a sign of getting old but whatever…mind as well do it in Africa if I’m gonna do it, right? Help me. So my birthday also marked the beginning of the World Cup which officially started the 11th but the 10th was an awesome opening concert that I didn’t even get to see on TV. I did however get to go into Maseru and watch the first game in the theater on the big screen. My friends and I were in the VIP showing of the game and received free drinks, chips, cookies and dinner. It was absolutely amazing and one of my best nights here! The World Cup has brought a crazy energy with it. It’s so exciting being so close to something so HUGE! After the first game, my friends and I went to a local hotel and watched the second game. The following day, we found ourselves back at the hotel for the America vs. England game. What a fun time. We went all out and painted our faces and went wild…and in all the hubbub, I got elbowed in the face…it was still fun. I’ll be going to Bloemfontein on the 22nd for the South Africa vs. France game. We didn’t actually get tickets so I think we’ll find ourselves at the Fan Park. Should be a great time never-the-less. And the only thing left to say about June is it’s f’in cold folks. Its f’in cold. It was 19 degrees the other night. The mornings are unbearable and so are the bucket baths. The weather is bringing me down. Its hard to get out of bed and step on the concrete floor. Its hard to walk 20 steps to the latrine in what feels like arctic temperatures. Its hard to take your clothes off just to change…oh summer, how I long for thee…

A picture from today...its cold bo!


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hey Mali Moj,
thanks for nice story and beautiful pictures,
keep strong, summer is coming…skype us….
we love you!!!!!!!!!!
Cezar and Tata

Comment by stjepan erdeg

I never would have guessed June in Africa being so cold. I hope it warms up soon for you.


Comment by Reggie

I’m so jealous! To be in the middle of all of that energy during the World Cup must have been amazing! BTW, I’m marking June 10 on my calendar right now. I suck :p. Miss you!!

Comment by Jen

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