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June 18, 2010, 10:06 am
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So…this is like my 5th attempt…holy sh**!

May…what happened to May? May flew by. Unfortunately, time is flying by. Any who, I started teaching a Life skills class with Leeza. She’s a volunteer that lives 15 minutes away and has become a fantastic friend. So we’re teaching grades 6 and 7. The kids are amazing! We are mostly talking about HIV and Aids and condoms!! They already know so much of this information which is a really good sign. They are very interesting kids though. Extremely shy. Its actually kind of sad. They never really seem to learn anything. They memorize everything. And they never really have an opportunity to express creativity. Anyway, I love them. Sweet little hearts. Oh man, I was part of Lesotho’s first ever Career Fair. It was awesome. A neighboring volunteer asked a few of us to help here with this project. It was put on by an NGO in Lesotho, GRO. Over 2,000 students showed and there were representatives from over 30 schools of higher education in Lesotho as well representatives from the department of agriculture, the police, banks, military, …you name it. If you grade it on outcome and participation- major success; if you grade on effectiveness- FAIL. Aawwww…for real, it was really too bad but an excellent learning experience. And more recently, towards the end of May, a PCV friend Jessica came over and helped me reorganize one of the weaver’s show room. Man we did an amazing job and had a lot of fun doing it! Check out those before and after, LOL!!


...and after...

...and another after...Yum


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